Apr 25, 2014 Volume 100 Edition #17 Gold Beach, Oregon

Contractor selected to build hospital

The conceptual drawing by Erdman, the contractor selected to build the new hospital, may or may not resemble the completed hospital. Decisions about site placement, number of floors, size, etc. have yet to be finalized. These are simply preliminary conceptual drawings.

 • ‘Charter Rule’ measure 8-76 is discussed at forum 041614
 • Gold Beach City Council: Council discusses Charter 041614
 • Health news: ‘High on Health’ is a magic night 041614
 • Law enforcement: Gold Beach Police log: April 4, 2014 to April 10, 2014 041614
 • Law enforcement: Man attacked in home 041614
 • Law enforcement: Fallen man rescued from cliff 041614
 • Curry Charter Home Rule meets, differs with Itzen 040914
 • Holy Week to be observed at Episcopal Church of St. Matthew 040914

Visitor’s Guide cover photo by Lance Nix

The 2014 Gold Beach Visitor's Guide, which promises to spread the word that this area is a vacation wonderland, is inserted in this week’s Curry County Reporter and will be in full distribution next week.

Last year 16,000 guides were distributed in our area, outlying areas and as far away as the I-5 corridor. For 2014 we are printing more guides in anticipation of increased demand, as well as 18,000 expected visitors at the Cape Blanco Music Festival, of which the Hall Family Newspapers are media co-sponsors.

The Curry County Reporter, Port Orford News and Myrtle Point Herald will all have booths at the festival where the 2014 Gold Beach Visitor's Guide will be available to the public.

For more details or questions please call Kim Hall at 541-260-7588, 541-332-6397, or e-mail the Curry County Reporter at currycountyreporter@gmail.com, and please use the key words “Visitor’s Guide” in the subject line for quick access and return service.

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